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 Dear lover

1. Enathu Ulagey (Beautiful World)  
Harish Raghavendra & Saraswathi  (Lyrics:Kirutheya)
A young man relishes the beauty of nature. His imagination has no limits. Nature turns into beautiful lines of poetry in Harish Raghavendra's honey soaked voice. Oh, do you also hear a delicious humming in the background?

2. Vellai Thaaliley (Love Note)  
Vani Jairam  (Lyrics:Kamakodiyan)
A woman receives a letter from her lover. The letter expresses all his love for her. It also says that he will soon be on his way to meet her. She sings in joy of receiving the letter. Note that the word "kaadhal" (love) is never used in the song. A Jazzy ballad, a very difficult composition and probably the first of its kind in Tamil. Vani Jairam is spellbinding.

3. Thai Maasam (Festival)  
Vani Jairam & Uma Ramanan  (Lyrics:Kamakodiyan)
Pongal, the festival of harvest. Women welcome the joy, prosperity, love and wedding bells the season brings while the men enjoy the brave sport of bullfighting. Uma Ramanan's first duet with Vani Jairam.

4. Iravondru (It's All You)  
Vani Jairam & Karthik  (Lyrics:Kirutheya)
When you are deeply in love, you see everything in your lover and you see everything through your lover. This is a magical love duet with Vani Jairam and Karthik.

5. Vaan Megamey (Love Divine)  
Vani Jairam & Harish Raghavendra  (Lyrics:Tholkappiyan)
After listening to this song, if not already known, one would wonder what inspired this unique song. The deities Neelamegan and Senkamalavalli of Maamani temple near Tanjore are the inspiration for this beautiful love song. What would the deities sing about if they did about their love for each other?

6. Mullai Vanam (You're Away)  
Vani Jairam & Krishnaraj  (Lyrics:Kirutheya)
Two lovers physically separated are longing to meet each other. How much longer do they have to wait? The lovers ask the trees, flowers and fruits if they have seen their lover and request to send their message of love to each other. Rural life, untainted by the modernity of urban life, comes to life in Kirutheya's lines.

7. Kalai Arangam (Romance)  
Vani Jairam & Srinivas  (Lyrics:Kamakodiyan)
Romance speaks in the quiet of the night. The delicate composition and lyrics that do not cross the boundaries of decency make this song very unique.

8. Mangala Penn (Motherhood)  
Vani Jairam & Krishnaraj  (Lyrics:Neelamyle)
Celebration of motherhood. In a music filled ambience surrounded by her family and friends, the expectant mother is showered with love and gifts, and the traditional bangles.