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 Maiden's Heart

1. Thathai Nenjey (Love Triumphs)  
Vani Jairam & Balram  (Lyrics:Kirutheya)
Everybody can be against our love. But our love is so real and strong it will triumph. In front of our love this whole world is just a little child's toy.

2. Penn Manama (Can I Trust You)  
Vani Jairam & Harish Raghavendra  (Lyrics:Andal Priyadarshini)
She loves him. But she has her doubts about him. As she repeatedly questions the truthfulness of his love, he patiently explains the depth of his love for her and asks her to not be so untrusting of him.

3. Thoodhu Po (Tell Him My Pain)  
Vani Jairam  (Lyrics:M.Sakthinathan)
This country woman has not seen her lover in a long time. The pain of separation is unbearable. She asks her parrot to go fly and look for her lover and deliver the message that she misses him so much.

4. Oru Kungumappoovaai (Anything For You)  
Vani Jairam & Jayachandran  (Lyrics:Thenmozhi)
A brother who would sacrifice anything for his sister and a sister who loves him and appreiciates everything he does for her. A beautiful song with a sentiment that you only heard in songs of the bygone days. The voices of Jayachandran and Vani Jariam reunite after decades.

5. Naan Naanaa (Becoming One)  
Vani Jairam & S.P.Balasubramanyam  (Lyrics:Kalyankumar)
Am I still me? Are you still you? We are in the heart and mind of each other and we cannot tell the difference any more. For this beautiful duet, the voices of S.P.Balasubramanyam and Vani Jairam reunite after over a decade.

6. Kaalamo Neramo (Love Hurts)  
Krishnaraj  (Lyrics:Thenmozhi)
This man who has been away from the woman he loves so much, sings about how painful love can be when lovers are separated by distance. Krishnaraj sings this song in reply to Vani Jairam's message brought by the parrot.

7. Nirai Nila (Under The Moon)  
Vani Jairam & Jayachandran  (Lyrics:Muthulingam)
The Sangam literature talks extensively about how lovers met secretly under the moon without their families knowing. This song captures the essence of it. The woman is afraid that someone may find out about their secret meetings. But her lover enjoys the thrill of it. The famous duet pair Jayachandran and Vani Jairam bring this light classical song just for you.

8. Poo Potta Kattil (No Time To Love)  
Vani Jairam & Srinivas  (Lyrics:Gangai Amaran)
This married couple cannot find time for romance anymore. Between work and raising children, the couple haven't had the time to even have a pleasant conversation. It seems like it was very long ago since they spent time together. Listen to it. So naughty!