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 Dusty Wind

1. Puzhuthi Kaatrey (Dusty Wind)  
Vani Jairam  (Lyrics:Neelamyle)
He stole her heart, gave her very little information about him, and left. But she is too shy to call him. While the afternoon sun scorches the earth and the dusty wind blows about, this southern woman longs to hear his voice, to cool off the southern heat.

2. Siragindri (First Love)  
Harish Raghavendra  (Lyrics:Kamakodiyan)
First love! Oh, how dreamy is that experience! Just happiness all around. Everything looks and feels so bright and joyful. This young man sings all about it. Listen to Harish Raghavendra's jazzy expression of love.

3. Vinthai (Contradiction)  
Vani Jairam  (Lyrics:Tholkappian)
Wealth and poverty, compassion and cruelty, beauty and ugliness, abundance and famine... this world is a wonder, filled with contradictions. Listen to Vani Jairam rock away.

4. Imaigal Moodamaley (Love Colorful)  
Vani Jairam & Harish Raghavendra  (Lyrics:Piraisoodan)
Love makes the world pleasant and enjoyable. Like nature beautifies the earth, love beautifies life.

5. Thaen Mazhaiyey (Come To Me)  
Deepan Chakravarthi  (Lyrics:Muthulingam)
His heart cries to see her. Only her presence can breathe life back into his life. Listen to Deepan Chakravarthi belt his love in this beautiful operatic aria.

6. Nitham Nitham (Love Is Blind)  
Vani Jairam & Haricharan  (Lyrics:Kadhalmadhi)
Love unites two people regardless of their differences. Love makes difficulties lighter. Love gives courage. What is life without love?

7. Engo Endro (Out Of My Life)  
Vani Jairam  (Lyrics:Tholkappian)
Her lover abandoned her and disappeared. She was shattered to pieces. She learned to find the courage to build a new life. She is now married to another loving man. Her lover returns looking for her. But her wounds are still raw. The pain of seeing him pours out in this song. She orders him to go back the way he came. Listen and be amazed at Vani Jairam's theatrical performance.

8. Kattazhagu (Words Of Silence)  
Vani Jairam & Harish Raghavendra  (Lyrics:Muthulingam)
They like each other very much. But neither one wants to break the ice. They both wonder if the other person likes them and will speak to them.