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1. Neththi Chutti (Love Ornament)  
Vani Jairam & Krishnaraj  (Lyrics:Gangai Amaran)
She wears plenty of precious jewelry to enhance her beauty. All to look pretty for her husband. But her husband sees her heart of gold and that is all he cares about. All the external ornaments are immaterial to him. She may be disappointed that he does not appreciate her display of jewelry. But she knows he loves her.

2. Kutraala Aruvi (My Little Girl)  
T.M.Sounderarajan  (Lyrics:Neelamyle)
A little daughter is a father's pride and joy. He can never-endingly speak about her beauty, grace, intelligence, mischief and the unconditional love. Legendary singer T.M.Sounderarajan sings this song in his magical voice that has captivated millions. This is the first ever recorded song by a Tamil playback singer in his 80s.

3. Kannoram Minnum (Beauty Of Love)  
Vani Jairam & Harish Raghavendra  (Lyrics:Tholkappiyan)
There is beauty in love, there is beauty in nature. When they are in harmony a melody like this is created.

4. Anbukkuyil (Contentment)  
Vani Jairam & S.N.Surendar  (Lyrics:Kirutheya)
The joy of being married to the man she loves and the contentment and happiness in her life. Vani Jairam not just brings out the feelings of the woman, she also conveys the depth of the feelings in her wonderful rendition. Lyrics by Piraisoodan and S.N.Surendar provides support singing notes.

5. Oru Naal (Love Signs)  
Vani Jairam & Karthik  (Lyrics:Tholkappiyan)
Love signs. The quick glances at the corner of the eye... The poems that are scribbled... The souvenirs that are saved... The words that are not spoken... Karthik and Vani Jairam sing this duet. Tholkappian's lyrics highlight the boundless joy hidden in the silly gestures of young lovers.

6. Munpani Pinpani (Not For You)  
Vani Jairam & Harish Raghavendra  (Lyrics:Tholkappiyan)
He is so in love with her. To him she is everything that is beautiful, everything that is musical, everything that is precious, everything that is interesting. But she is not buying any of that. She does not love him and she wants him to go away. Tholkappian writes some of the cutest lyrics ever. Harish Raghavendra and Vani Jairam play this "Love You, Don't Love You" game.

7. Malarum Malaril (To Love, To Honor)  
Vani Jairam  (Lyrics:Piraisoodan)
She is at a crossroad. She is in love with a man. Her mother does not approve of her love for that man. She has to make a decision. Should she honor her mother and sacrifice her love? Or, should she pursue her love and distress her mother who depends on her for support and love? Would it be selfish? What is a woman to do?

8. Kaalai Vaanam (Earth)  
Vani Jairam, Harini & Saraswathi  (Lyrics:Muthulingam)
Three women are having an argument. One of them welcomes the morning sun and describes the beauty of the morning and claims that morning is the best time of the day. Another one describes the beauty of the evening and all that is associated with evening and claims that evening is the best time of the day. The third woman describes all the beauty of the night and claims that night is the best time. What do they finally discover? You have to listen to the song.