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 Monsoon Birds

1. En Iniyavaley (House Arrest)  
Vani Jairam & Harish Raghavendra  (Lyrics:Kirutheya)
Lovers separated by their parents. She is under house arrest. He is waiting endlessly to see her. The pain of missing each other... the happy memories of the days they spent together. She pleads to her brave man to rescue her from the misery.

2. Pathinettu Vayasu (Fountain Of Youth)  
Vani Jairam & Krishnaraj  (Lyrics:Muthulingam)
Young women eighteen years of age. Oh! They are beautiful! The delightful youth. Their days filled with fun. Their hearts aflutter. Wish you were one of them...

3. Vanna Thamizh (Twilight)  
Vani Jairam & Harish Raghavendra  (Lyrics:Muthulingam)
A dancing beauty and her lover, in the ancient days of the Cholas , spend a beautiful evening of romance. The richness and greatness of the ancient Chola land is evident in Muthulingam's songlines. Vani Jairam and Harish Raghavendra make a perfect singing pair.

4. Kaadhal (Accept Me)  
Vani Jairam  (Lyrics:Kamakodiyan)
People age. Do desires age? Woes of a middle-aged spinster. Her desires went unfulfilled when she was young. Is it her fault if she has feelings for a man half her age? The woman pours her heart out in Vani Jairam's voice.

5. Konjum Azhagu (Joy Of Love)  
Vani Jairam & Karthik  (Lyrics:Piraisoodan)
Who does not love the high school days? The first love. May be the first kiss. The happy days with no responsibilities. This song has it all. Vani Jairam and Karthik will have you swinging.

6. Mazhaikaala Paravaigal (Monsoon Birds)  
Vani Jairam & Saraswathi  (Lyrics:Neelamyle)
It is raining. The earth is being rewarded and replenished. It is song and dance of joy. The women sing about it. Vani Jairam and Saraswathi in this light classical composition with wonderful percussions.

7. Oh Uyir Chilaiyey (Shy)  
Vani Jairam & Deepan Chakravarthi  (Lyrics:Kirutheya)
Let us tease the bride. She has known the groom from her childhood. But the day before the wedding why does she blush so much? Vani Jairam and Deepan Chakravarthi tease the bride reminding her of playful childhood incidents.

8. Yadhukula Kannan (Bliss)  
Vani Jairam  (Lyrics:Muthulingam)
Aandaal singing for Kannan. Muthulingam's classical lines blended with this lovely semiclassical composition create the perfect song that only Vani Jairam can excel in.